The staff here at A.J. Bull Services are trained in both TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding services.

These welding assets allow us to repair any damage that may have been caused to vehicular, chassis work or any other general welding jobs.

Our welding skills and assets allow us to repair any damage that may have been caused, whether it is vehicular, chassis work or any other general welding job.

Whether it is for a structural rebuild, reinforcement, body panel repair or just tidying up the car, A.J. Bull Services can do it.


Odd Repairs

We love to undertake those odd repairs that challenge us.

Previous work has invovled us receiving an old ice cream machine that needed restoring. We took on this project and restored it back to full working order and polished it off with an even better finish.

Frequent odd jobs along the same lines often come our way. We love to take on any form of repair servicing for mechanical items and machines.

These particular jobs often allow us to demonstrate the welding skills that we hold under our belt. You can be sure that the finished product won’t disappoint you.

If you have any odd forms of jobs, from re-painting the task at hand to providing some insight, we are more than happy to offer help and advice.